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Effects of Cor and US on Taxol Production of Taxus x Media

Impacts of Cor and US on Taxol Production of Taxus x Media Outline OF PROPOSED RESEARCH INCLUDING KEY GOALS For deductively qualified assessors: Taxol is a characteristic diterpenoid alkaloid originally detached from the internal bark of pacific yew, Taxus brevifolia (Wani et al., 1971) and broadly use in the pharmaceutical business as the antitumor operators. Be that as it may, low taxol content, significant expense of extraction and the obliteration of yew trees flash a significant natural discussion and cause an issue to satisfy its developing interest. The utilization of plant tissue culture strategy has showed up as an eco-accommodating technique and plausible methodology for business gracefully, yet the creation pace of this optional metabolite are still low. Just 10% of taxol emitted in the extracellular mode of T x media suspension societies (Wickremesinhe and Arteca, 1993). These issues provoked an incredible exertion to find and distinguish the elective way to improve the large scale manufacturing of taxol in plant cell societies. In this examination, elicitation utilizing coronatine (Cor) and ultrasound (US) will b e utilized for amalgamation and transport of taxol. Cor is a poison delivered by Pseudomonas syringae and can go about as a plant development controller and animates the resistance system in plants. In the interim, Low-force US is a physical or mechanical boost that can upgrade the cell transporter action and trigger the pathway of resistance related optional metabolites. It is estimated that the taxol aggregation in Taxus x media culture is higher than control (unelicited) and single treatment after rewarded with Cor and low-vitality US. The investigation will utilize two-phase suspension culture and longitudinally youthful stem as the explant. The impact of these two elicitors on biomass creation and taxol creation will be investigated. Toward the finish of this examination, it is normal that the taxol creation and cell development will show positive outcome after inspired with Cor and low-vitality US. This investigation will be a huge undertaking in upgrade the arrival of taxol t hrough elicitation approach. For lay perusers: Optional metabolites are synthetic compounds delivered by plants and don't have any physiological capacities, however use as flavor, food hues, scents and pharmaceutical examination. Taxus species are one of the therapeutic plants that can deliver normal enemy of malignant growth specialists known as taxol. Be that as it may, over misuse of normal wellsprings of taxol from bark, stem, roots and needles put yew trees as an imperiled species. In addition, the low yield and moderate development of yew trees limit its potential as a feasible wellspring of taxol. Along these lines, it is imperative to discover elective strategy to build the taxol creation in Taxus sp. The creation of taxol from Taxus x media can be incredibly improved through elicitation. Elicitation is a technique to animate the quality articulation of compounds liable for the union of optional metabolites. The substance utilized in invigorating the creation of radiated compound is called elicitor. Elicitor is shaped ins ide or outside of plant cells and mimic as a worry to initiate the plant safeguard frameworks and cause subjective and quantitative changes in the auxiliary metabolite content. Two elicitors that will be utilized in this examination are Coronatine (Cor) and low-vitality ultrasound (US). Plants use Cor to manufacture guarded mixes and as development controllers. US, then again can animated the cell layer permeabilization and energize the arrival of taxol to culture medium. Plant cell societies will be utilized to recover the optional metabolite on request by keep up the development of plant cells in aseptic condition with proper flexibly of supplements. It is normal that the aggregation of taxol rewarded with elicitors is higher than the untreated culture. This examination will give a decent understanding about the impact of elicitors in actuate the synthetic guard framework in plants and legitimately invigorate the creation of taxol. Examination Outcomes/Products What is the proposed result of your venture: It is normal that all medicines will give noteworthy increment of taxol gathering when contrasted and control. Mix among Cor and US presentation will improve the extracellular and cell-related taxol creation. The normal taxol creation from the treatment of both Cor and US is 20 to half higher than control. Elicitation of Taxus x media utilizing Cor and US likewise will upgrade the cell development. The utilization of suspension culture will be one reason that improve the aggregation of taxol and can be a decent system for the continous creation of taxol. For what reason is it significant? Taxol is notable enemy of malignancy sedate got from characteristic wellspring of Taxus species. Be that as it may, direct extraction from yew trees has oppressed them as a jeopardized species. Then again, the procedure of extraction and refinement of taxol is likewise tedious and not monetarily achievable. Along these lines, plant tissue culture is a promising way to deal with get this auxiliary metabolite. In any case, one of the fundamental issues in increment the taxol creation is precariousness in the union of auxiliary metabolite. So as to amplify the yield of taxol, the blend of biotic and abiotic elicitor can be a decent procedure. Moreover, the elicitation approach is additionally progressively practical gainful contrast and different techniques, for example, antecedent taking care of, phytohormone guideline and biotransformation. US is a straightforward however successful elicitor while Cor is normal has the comparable natural movement as methyl jasmonate (MeJA), the most w idely recognized elicitor utilized in invigorate auxiliary metabolites. The outcomes from this investigation can give a central comprehension of the impacts of US in mix with Cor on the creation of optional metabolite and plant cell culture. Seeing how Taxus x media cell culture respond with these two elicitors can give an a valuable in connect the development rate with the creation of taxol. Subtleties OF RESEARCH PROJECT Presentation and Background: Taxus species are restorative plants and individuals from the Taxaceae family that can deliver taxol, a chemotheraphy sedate utilized broadly in malignancies treatment. FDA endorsement of taxol in 1992 and a progression of accomplishment of taxol in clinical test for different diseases prompted monstrous interest for this dynamic substance. The expansion of interest was normal since taxol additionally valuable to combact non-canceorus scatters, for example, polycystic kidney illness (Woo et al., 1994). Be that as it may, it is hard to perform enormous scope culture as a result of the trouble to pick up this dynamic compound from characteristic source. Three develop, extremely old yew trees would create just 1 g of taxol. It is assessed that 10 tons of bark or felling of 3000 trees was expected to yield 1 kg of refined taxol to treat 500 malignant growth patients. In addition, the characteristic wellspring of taxol from yew trees is just about 0.01% to 0.06% (Sung et al., 2005). Every one of these worries have provoked broad endeavors in discover the technique that can expand the large scale manufacturing taxol. Taxus x media is decide for this examination since it is acceptable beginning materials for the taxol creation by means of biotechnological procedure. Furthermore, the measure of taxol produce by this cultivar is the most noteworthy among different Taxus species (Table 1). The elicitation approach has been one of the most encouraging systems in improve the large scale manufacturing of taxol and other optional metabolites in cell societies (Roberts ND Shuler, 1997). Using elicitor emerge from the guard pathway use by plant in manage ecological pressure, pathogenic microorganisms, creepy crawlies and higher herbivorous predators by animate the creation of hostile synthetic compounds like optional metabolites. One of the most generally considered and compelling biotic elicitor is methyl jasmonate (MeJA). Be that as it may, the report that Cor look like the organic action of the jasmonic corrosive gives a thought that the method of activity between these two mixes could be comparative. The synthetic structure of Cor is more steady than MeJA in light of the unbending cis-direction in its bi-cyclic skeleton. This lead to the more elevated levels of enlistment in the creation of optional metabolites by plant cells rewarded with Cor when contrast and those rew arded with regular JA. In spite of the fact that Cor invigorated paclitaxel creation with less effectiveness than MeJA, it brought about higher paclitaxel discharge to the fluid periods of culture medium. Other than that, there are very few reports about the impact of Cor on the creation of optional metabolite in plant cell suspension culture. Table 1: Content (wt %) of chose taxanes in various types of Taxus plants (Lin Lidong, 2003) The mix of biotic and abiotic elicitor had synergistic impacts to taxol creation in numerous reports. Along these lines, it is normal that the join utilization of Cor with a physical improvement like US may expand the yield of taxol in the Taxus culture. For the most part, the abiotic elicitors use in trial contemplates is synthetic specialists, overwhelming metals and biochemical operators like polysaccharides and natural corrosive. The utilization of US to biotechnology is generally new and relatively few reports can be found on the impacts of US in increment the valuable optional metabolites. This basic and powerful elicitor can enact cells or chemicals and initiated plant guard digestion by ultrasonic waves. High power US waves can carry adverse impact to cells, chemicals and other natural materials. Then, low power US waves can change the cell digestion, improve the mass exchange of reagents and upgrade the arrival of intracellular items from refined cells by increment the film porousness. The utilization of US won't upset the way of life process and permit nonstop utilization of cell’s biosynthetic limit (Kilby and Hunter, 1990). US merit a broad exploration with respect to its belongings in plant auxiliary metabolite because of its wide application in organic field. The blend of Cor and US has incredible possibility and financial advantages in enhanc

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Essay Writing Advice Structure It Up!

Paper Writing Advice Structure It Up! Paper Writing Advice: Structure It Up! In the event that you are searching for article composing guidance, look no further. Composing a paper necessitates that you incorporate the fundamental components of a five passage exposition. Regardless of whether your composing task is more included, similar components must be incorporated. Presentation At the point when you are composing your acquaintance you need with focus on the specific word decision you have. This is your first and, at times, your last chance to leave a positive impact on your peruser. This isn't just where you talk about your subject just because, however where you additionally disclose to the peruser how you are going to discuss your subject. You ought to place a more elevated level of vitality into your starting zone, totaling about 20% of your general composing endeavors. What's more, on the off chance that you do this you will be compensated emphatically. Body Paragraphs The subsequent advance is a body passage where you have to introduce your first most grounded contention or your best delineation or model. Much like the past area of your composing task, the primary sentence needs to have a snare which normally advances from the snare situated toward the finish of the past section. The subject of this section or the primary thought should be introduced in the theme sentence following. You need to ensure that you relate the fundamental thought here to your proposal articulation much equivalent to you did in the past area. Lastly, when you have done this you have to remember your transitional snare for request to enable the peruser to move along by and by to the second body passage. The second body section is the place your more vulnerable contention is found and it ought to be trailed the transitional snare with your subject sentence. By and by the proof and bolster that you present need to relate back to your proposal articulation. Never accept that the peruser will comprehend what you plan to state or will have the option to get on what you are alluding to. Rather, ensure that you express your motivation unequivocally. When this is done you have to end. With a transitional snare which flags that your last point has been made and that they will presently arrive at the finish of your report. End The end is the finish of your composition yet it doesn't fill in as an untimely idea. The last passage is the last open door you need to rehash your case and it should be exceptionally inflexible in its arrangement. You need to attempt and incomprehensibly think about the end as the second presentation since it will contain a considerable lot of its highlights. You need each sentence to be very much created and you need to ensure you have a compelling finishing up change after which you repeat your proposition. Keep in mind, the best article composing counsel rotates around spreading out every part of the customary composing assignments, including presentations, body writings, and ends. These make up the essential structure of your work. By consolidating these segments, you can partake in an organized exposition.

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12 Angry Men Movie Analysis Essay Example

12 Angry Men Movie Analysis Essay Example 12 Angry Men Movie Analysis Paper 12 Angry Men Movie Analysis Paper Article Topic: 12 Angry Men Course: HRMG6200 Organization in New Economy Assignment: Twelve Angry Men Movie The film Twelve Angry Men is about the twelve legal hearers that could modify their impact in a dynamic procedure for conviction an eighteen years of age kid, regardless of whether the kid liable or not liable in killing of his dad. It speaks to an ideal model for pertinent of a work bunch improvement structure. It additionally has instances of impact procedures among a group’s individuals. This paper is taking a gander at those particular models in the film and centering in examination the reasons why Juror 8 is a lot more viable than others in the gathering. As indicated by Bruce Tuckman, sound work bunches need to experience four phases of advancement: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Shaping characterize as individuals acclimate and sorted out to choose a pioneer, a given model for the framing stage in this film is the twelve men were up for the main vote, occupied with social situated conduct to get familiar with each other. The lead member of the jury acquainted with everybody â€Å"why are we here. † Storming are power battles and sub-gathering, given model here is one legal hearer casted a ballot â€Å"not guilty† while other eleven members of the jury casted a ballot â€Å"guilty†. It shaped an ideal clash that drove bunch individuals gadget by two sub-gathering, vote liable gathering and vote not liable gathering, seat back for diving profound into the gave confirmations to ensure on the off chance that they are deserving of pronouncing the kid liable of the charge. Norming characterize as gathering picks rules to organize communication and encourage objectives, given model here is the point at which the twelve men dismissed the bias of a drained democratic, six â€Å"guilty† versus six â€Å"not liable. † Another genuine model for Norming is when â€Å"We nine need to comprehend why you three despite everything think he is blameworthy. † Performing characterize as the gathering structure empowers cooperating easily toward one objective. It is the point at which they all conceded to just a single regular right answer â€Å"the kid isn't guilty†. The twelve legal hearers were experiencing the four primary phases of building up a solid work bunch in the gathering even it appears to be confounded and required high-force endeavors from specific individuals. Concurring the five Methods for Influencing Other Group Members utilization of reason, emphaticness, alliance building, higher qualities, and bartering when Juror Eight stated: â€Å"we are discussing someone life here, we can’t simply choose inside five minutes, assume we are wrong†, he utilized the adolescent person life’s mportant and the threat of a bogus choice as valid justifications to compel different legal hearers in dissecting the realities cautiously. He at that point discusses the boy’s foundations for speaking to rationale and normal considering different members of the jury. Member of the jury Three was obvious partiality, threatening vibe, and utilized â€Å"assertiveness† to impact the other ten legal hearers of jury gave an adversary to legal hearer Eight. Legal hearer eight utilized â€Å"coalition building† strategy to look for arrangement with other gathering individuals. He never says that he accepts the litigant is honest however his mantra all through the film was â€Å"it’s conceivable! alluding to the sensible uncertainty, which he persuaded others’ thought. Member of the jury Eight kept on engaging other eleven juror’s higher qualities by over and again fortifying their good and legal commitment to convict just if there was no sensible uncertainty. He provoked every member of the jury to take a gander at the realities all the more insightfully. â€Å"Bargaining† is offering an instrument trade. Hearer 8 utilized this strategy when he stated: â€Å"I need to require another vote†¦ If there are 11 decisions in favor of blameworthy, I won’t stand alone†¦ But on the off chance that anybody votes not liable, we remain here and work it out. Twelv e Angry Men consolidates the five strategies for impacting bunch individuals. As indicated by a leader’s system for dynamic procedure in an examination explore at Harvard Business School in 2007, the structure incorporates finding context’s qualities, actuality based administration, doing the leader’s work, finding threat signals, and reacting to those peril signals. The situation of the dynamic procedure in this film is an entangled setting, where circumstances and logical results connections are discoverable yet not promptly evident to everybody. There were conceivable outcomes of bogus declaration. Member of the jury 8 was a great deal more powerful than other on the grounds that he knew about the obligations of a legal hearer and how significant his choice on the eighteen years of age boy’s life is. The choice could send the kid to the hot seat for completing his life. Toward the start, he didn't know that the kid was blameworthy but rather he was certain that the confirmations gave are not solid and adequate enough to evidence the kid liable of charge. He found the threat of a likelihood that the gave proofs are not powerful and need checked before any choice, the risk of different members of the jury could arrogant in their own answer or in the viability of past arrangements. He attempted to bring different members of the jury into examination the proof actually and ensuring on the off chance that they are deserving of announcing the kid liable of the charge. He knows the obscure components, break down realities, and set objective for his choice. He masterminded a comparable blade and carried conceptualizing with the confirmations. He utilized trials to drive different individuals to think outside the recognizable. He centered to his goal and duty. He anticipated himself unprejudiced and he was not working in personal responsibility. He utilized consistent thinking, authority abilities, and compelling correspondences for impact others’ choice effectively. Taking everything into account, close to of learning the pertinent of a leader’s system for dynamic procedure and techniques for affecting other gathering individuals, the film Twelve Angry Men likewise demonstrated its crowds considers that help shaping a profitable work gathering. A beneficial work gathering ought to have fundamental factors, for example, An assorted variety bunch individuals from contrast foundations and religions; An ideal clash like democratic â€Å"guilty† as opposed to casting a ballot â€Å"not guilty† to helps in drawing member’s consideration into group’s obligations; A domain where bunch individuals are transparent as the painter helped in ensuring the old man’s discourse, where individuals can scrutinize the procedure and the substance as the watchmaker asked the baseball fan to give the correct motivation behind why he changed his vote yet not simply transformed it since he drained and needed to switch for accelerating the procedure of this dynamic, where individuals perceive the job that predisposition plays in dynamic and void one-sided choices, where individuals concur and differ in the correct manner without powers as individuals changed their votes when they see any feeling of bogus declaratio ns, where individuals understand that it is feasible for one individual is correct and all others are incorrect as the elderly person helped legal hearer 8 by changing his vote to keep the gathering meeting going, and that bunch individuals consistently can gain from one another. Refference: 1/Robbins Judge, Essential of Organizational Behavior, tenth 2/Reginald Rose Sidney Lumet, Twelve Angry Men film, 1957 3/Snowden Boone, a Leader’s Framework for Decision Making, Harvard Business Review, Nov 2007

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The (Potential) Impact of the New Tax Bill on Graduate Students

Dear Reader, I'm Lucas, a graduate student in the Math Department at MIT and a tutor with Cambridge Coaching. Like most graduate students, I have intently followed the discussions about the new tax bill, thinking how it would affect my finances. As of this writing, only the House of Representatives’ version eliminates a provision that would directly affect graduate students, Section 117(d)(5) of the current code. Currently, Section 117(d)(5) says that â€Å"gross income shall not include any qualified tuition reduction;† with the repeal, that means that tuition reductions would count as gross income. It is important to understand how most graduate students (especially in STEM) earn money. We are generally funded by teaching or research assistantships, which require us to work in the classroom or labs approximately 20 hours a week. This is in addition to taking courses and working full time on our thesis, doing experiments, simulations, writing papers, attending conferences, etc. Yes, graduate school is a full-time job, and no, we do not receive overtime for nights in the lab. Those teacher/research assistantships pay us a stipend, health insurance, and tuition waivers. Tuition waivers allow graduate students to take courses at their institutions without paying tuition. We usually only take the courses that are required for completing our PhDs, since we don’t really have much free time to learn basket-weaving or other fun â€Å"electives.† In practice, we never see that money. Regardless of whether or not we take classes, those â€Å"tuition waivers† are there in our graduate student appointments every semester. Now, if Section 117(d)(5) is eliminated from the tax code, then all of a sudden those tuition waivers become income for graduate student. Tuition at places like MIT is not cheap, around $50,000 a year! I have made a short video to outline how this change affects graduate student taxes. I do want to mention that this is not a done deal yet, the House of Representatives and the Senate have to reconcile their versions of the tax bill (the Senate did not eliminate Section 117(d)(5)). Also, universities can also take measures to make sure that the burden does not fall entirely upon their graduate students. In any case, this would mean that universities would be footing a bill which would probably decrease the number of graduate students they can admit. In any case, there will certainly be impacts on graduate education if the bill passes through without Section 117(d)(5). Lucas is originally from Sà £o Paulo, Brazil, where he learned to appreciate soccer, Bossa Nova, and Brazilian Churrasco! He moved to Miami in sixth grade, where he started to participate in regional and statewide Math competitions. He attended MIT as an undergraduate, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Physics, and a minor in Management Science. He decided to remain at MIT to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics, where he is currently in his fourth year. ; Are you interested in reading more on the subject of college/graduate financial aid? Read on, dear reader: Graduate School: How to Get the Best Financial Aid Package Possible Application Consulting: Is Graduate School Right for Me? Graduate School Application: I Don't Have a Job Yet! What Do I Do?

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A History of the World in Sex Glasses Essay - 4236 Words

A History of the World in Six Glasses: Summary Beer The discovery of beer happened around 10000 BCE. The hunter-gatherers, located in the Fertile Crescent, collected cereal grains because they could be stored for a number of months if kept dry and safe. The storage of grains made it harder to have a nomadic lifestyle; therefore the people started staying in one place. They would try to make water tight storage areas, however water did eventually get into them. After the grain would get wet and the people would cook it, it turned into gruel and when that was left sitting around for a few days it would turn into beer. Beer became important because it was safer to drink, due to the fact that you cooked it which got rid of bacteria. In the†¦show more content†¦6. Beers relationship with writing is that some of the first records are receipts for the selling of beer. The cuneiform symbol for beer had changed over the years to become more abstract. Beers relationship with commerce is that it was used as a currency. When laborers wer e being paid in both Mesopotamia and Egypt they were given a certain amount of bread and beer depending on the job. This ties in with writing due to the fact that the people kept records of the amount that they were paid. Beer was actually healthy due to the fact that it wouldn’t be completely fermented, therefore it would contain yeast that provided nutrients and vitamins. The Egyptians believed that it could be used with other ingredients to cure illnesses like indigestion and constipation. It was also used as a sedative. Wine Wine, known as the beer of the mountains was first produced during the Neolithic period between 9000 and 4000 BCE. There were two factors in the Zagros Mountains that made the production of wine possible; an abundance of the Eurasian grape vine, Vitis vinifera sylvestris, and cereal crops. Grapes contain natural yeast that will convert the sugars in the juice to alcohol; that way when people started to store grapes they would eventually turn into wine. The earliest evidence of wine came from a jar from the village Hajji Firuz Tepe and dated back to 5400 BCE. Wine became important because it was a main part of religion, medicine, commerce, and became aShow MoreRelatedwith you. In 2650 BCE Egyptians took part in having beer as a part of their culture and made it800 Words   |  4 Pagespeople die. No matter what age, sex or how much money you did or did not own you where beer were still drinking. Even though beer still to this day bring people together it did even more back then and b eer was a form of medication because water more likely to be contaminated and unsafe because at the time they did not have the sources that we have now to make water uncontaminated. Although all sorts of liquid beverages has found its way of marking its territory in U.S history the legacy will forever continueRead MoreEssay Biography of Andrei Chikatilo973 Words   |  4 PagesAt the start of World War II, his father was sent away, captured by Germans, and didn’t return until the war’s end. As a child, Chikatilo spent most of his time reading books about the Russian partisans fighting Germans. He particularly enjoyed books about Russians who dragged Germans into the woods and tortured them. He was a chronic bed wetter and his somewhat effeminate demeanor made him a constant target of teasing. He was extremely near sighted but refused to wear glasses for the fear ofRead MoreThe Hippie Subculture of the 1960s Essay1356 Words   |  6 Pagesidealistic life in the sixties its effect tarnished many families.  ¶ The corner of Haight and Ashbury marks the spot of where the hippie subculture began. â€Å" Initially it was a youth movement that started during the early 1960’s and spread all over the world† (Stone, Skip). The word hippie derives from â€Å"hipster which is someone who rejects the established culture† (Web Dictionary). Hippies rejected and established institutions, criticized middle-class values, opposed nuclear weapons , despised the draftRead MoreAnalysis Of 1984 s 1984 1317 Words   |  6 PagesHate is toward Goldstein who is against the party and as an anti-party organization. A last theme significant to the novel 1984 is the ability to manipulate the truth led by the Ministry of Truth. The employees in this department alter and destroy history by using the memory hole therefore at this time, those who control the past, controls the future, as well as the citizens whom abide to them. 2. George Orwell lived through WW1, Russians revolutions, the Great Depression, the Rise of Nazism in GermanyRead MoreStonewall Riots Essay1549 Words   |  7 Pagesthings that the LGBT community are unfamiliar with. Their history has been painted with opposition and resiliency. As time has progressed, so has the community and their fight for equality. The community is a medley of very different people from a wide array of backgrounds; No one person is the same. They do, however, have one common denominator. The communities fight for equality has been shaped by several altercations throughout history that inevitably lead to the success, progress and currentRead MoreThe Coffee, Tea, And Coca Cola1462 Words   |  6 Pagesgardens in London were tea was very popular (and all of Britain). This was a place for the excluded sex from coffeehouses to meet. Women had opportunity to find a mate, vice versa, in this open and welcoming environment. In the book, Standage writes why the tea ga rdens became popular, â€Å"Their appeal was that they provided an elegant, respectable public venue, and a good place to meet members of the opposite sex† (195). Coca-Cola is a slightly different situation. Coca-Cola doesn’t really have one typeRead MoreEthics on Pornography1526 Words   |  7 Pagesmore pleasure but mankind is not always pure. There are some bad men, there are some disgusting ideas and there are some barbarous behaviors. With that genres directors start to use women as an object, the way of sex is start to change, some of movies there are sex slaves and violent on sex, and they start to use children in porn. All of that are pleasurable? If yes or no don’t matter, what important is, is it ethical? Ethics is morality basically. Ethics of porn comes with the violent in porn andRead MoreCritical Analysis Paper for a Room of Ones Own1193 Words   |  5 Pagesforced into a role which denied them equal education opportunities. Virginia Woolfe expr esses her frustration on why women were denied privacy in her novel , A Room of Ones Own. Where she compare the traditional lifestyle tailored made for the opposite sex and the sacrafices that came with it. Wendy Gen feels, Though women through the centuries have not always enjoyed rooms of their own, they have had recourse to mental privacy, retreating to the internal spaces of their minds for refuge or silent critiqueRead MoreLoss Of Innocence In Catcher In The Rye1429 Words   |  6 Pagesrenowned. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is about an adolescent named Holden who wanders around New York City after being kicked out of a prestigious boarding school in eastern Pennsylvania. While learning more about himself and the adult world, he experiences alcohol, prostitution, and sexuality. Holden struggles with issues such as identity and maturity. Eventually, he realizes what it means to become an adult and accepts that maturity and development is inevitable. Holden suffers fr omRead MoreStardom Is Simply An Economic Process. Discuss.. Stardom,1925 Words   |  8 Pagesattention on his rising solo career. Lennon’s adaptation of â€Å"granny glasses† was an enormously influential act that clearly contributed to the iconography of eyeglasses in the popular music industry (Mäkelä, 2004, p.109). According to biographical writings, Lennon was actually near-sighted, but he’d rather go to social events half blind than having glasses on him. Though some types of glasses such as sunglasses and tinted glasses had already been associated with the Hollywood lifestyle, eyeglasses

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Essay on Understanding HIV/AIDS - 877 Words

In today’s world HIV/AIDS has become an epidemic that has not only challenged the research of our medical professionals, but also the lives of several children born with this infectious disease. In order to understand this epidemic we have to travel the path in which it was discovered. In 1985, human immunodeficiency also known as HIV was discovered by scientist and that discovery alone brought up many questions with very little definite answers. Due to this discovery several people are in search of an understanding cure for this disease, but the question still remains what is AIDS and how can we prevent the transmission from mother to fetus? Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, also known as AIDS, is a condition†¦show more content†¦Because of this fear many children born with this disease are apprehensive about sharing their status with their friends, a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. Mainly because they feel theyll be looked at differently or isolated by the individua l who may not have a clear understanding of how the disease is transmitted or how they contracted it. According to Brooke Minters she stated their challenges are daunting and she elaborates by saying say theyve dealt with losing sick parents and friends, disclosing their status, engaging in sex with uninfected partners, and enduring medical side effects with unknown consequences. Unfortunately, their battle to live life to its fullest is far more challenging for many born with this disease to endure. However, many find ways to become a model for those living with the disease and for those who may or may not know their status. Brooke Minters reports that a young man, Lafayette Sanders of Philadelphia, was born with the disease at birth have decided to become a peer educator for iChoose2live, a youth program that encourages HIV awareness and career building. She quoted Sanders who stated I want to destigmatize it. Brooke reports, Sanders now 24, stated My main goal is to get people to talk about HIV. This is a sensitive topic for many and several have made a conscientious decision to a void, ignore, overlook, or completely forget aboutShow MoreRelatedHiv / Aids And Aids1472 Words   |  6 PagesHIV/AIDS is the major ongoing issue attacking sub-Saharan Africa. The damage caused by HIV/AIDS strips families, communities, and increases poverty. In Kenya, the plague has mainly targeted those in the fertile and reproductive age groups. According to estimates by the United Nations of AIDS (UNAIDS), â€Å"Indication of 22.5 million people were living with HIV in Africa, over 1.6 million people were estimated to have died from this syndrome, and well over 11 million children have been orphaned by AIDSRead MoreHepatitis Carinii Pneumonia ( Pcp )1708 Words   |  7 Pageswas renamed in 1982 to what we now know as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Aids). HIV is the precursor to Aids. HIV attacks CD4+ T Cells. T Cells are the white blood cells that assist the body with fighting off cold and infections. A severe loss of those essential C D4+T Cells weaken the body’s immune system resulting in AIDS, which frequently results in death. A person can contract the HIV virus through unprotected sexual intercourse via bodily fluids such asRead MoreHiv/Aids Essay1086 Words   |  5 PagesHIV/AIDS BSHS302 May 21, 2012 Faye Flanagan HIV/AIDS Social issues facing HIV/AIDS today are as diverse as the people that are affected by the disease. Advocating for a large group of people takes action at the macro human service practice. The goals and intervention strategies will be similar to micro human service and will involve the same strategies to bring justice to human rights for all members of society. One strategy is including a broader range of other diversity in research inRead MoreThe Epidemic Of Hiv And Aids1535 Words   |  7 Pagespopulation include providing access to health care, HIV testing and syringe services programs. The Office of HIV Planning in Philadelphia focuses on the needs of the population, conducts community outreaches and educational sessions. As previously stated, 32 state Medicaid programs reimburse for routine HIV screening of adults aged 15-65 years, regardless of risk. This policy allows for individuals to more likely participate in this screening process. HIV testing can be done through health care professionalsRead MoreAIDS1469 Words   |  6 Pagessyndrome (AIDS) is the final stage of HIV disease, which causes severe damage to immune system and numerous of dead all over the world. AIDS is the sixth leading cause of death among people ages 25 – 44 in the United States. Millions of people around the world are living with HIV/AIDS, includin g many children under age 15 (PubMed Health). In addition, AIDS ranks the first leading of death in Vietnam. More than 260000 people living with AIDS and an estimated 100 people become infected every day (AIDS inRead MoreSexual Deviance And Its Effects On Target Population895 Words   |  4 Pagesconnection, we gain a deeper understanding, which highlights the complexity of this issue, as well as the challenges facing public health officials. Transitional Slide C. Impact on Target Population 1. Aside from statistical data highlighting HIV/AIDS incidences and prevalence amongst MSM, it’s imperative to consider the emotional, physical, and financial impact persons suffer when newly diagnosed. In many instances, the same holds true for those living with HIV/AIDS. 2. Psychological issues ariseRead MorePrevalence Of Hiv / Aids1525 Words   |  7 PagesPrevalence of HIV/AIDS in Ohio It was already stated that the HIV/AIDS epidemic impacts persons regardless of sex, age, race/ethnic group and/or geographic region in Ohio, but certain populations seem to be more impacted than others. There are 11, 544,225 people living in Ohio. 80% are white, 12% are black, 3% are Hispanic, and less than 2% are Asian. Each year in Ohio, about 1,000 people are diagnosed with HIV. In 2013, 1,180 people were diagnosed. Overall, there are almost 20,000 known to be livingRead MoreAids : The Age Of Aids943 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the Age of AIDS film many topics that were related to AIDS were brought up that I did not know anything about before. I did not know that there could so many strings attached to a disease and have such an influence in people’s lives whether it was negative or positive. The first scene in the movie I thought was powerful was the scene where kids with HIV were forced to leave school due to the fear of the parents and the ignorance they had back then about not understanding how HIV were transmittedRead MoreOn-Going Fear of AIDS Essay1550 Words   |  7 PagesAIDS isn’t a disease people have known about since the 1800s. In fact, it wasn’t even known as AIDS until a couple years after its discovery in the 1980s. Before, it was called Gay Related Immunodeficiency Disease, or GRID (â€Å"Natural History of HIV/AIDS†). And because of the fact it wasn’t discovered until the 1980s, people feared the disease and still do to this day. It’s been thirty years and many are still not properly educated about AIDS (Hawkins 16). The fear, stigmatization, and discriminationRead MoreEpidemiology Paper on Hiv800 Words   |  4 PagesPromotion May 16, 2014 HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It can lead to immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS. It is caused by the HIV entering the uninfected body and stats to destroy CD4+cells which are there to help the body fight infection and disease (, 2014). Once you have HIV, you have it for life. More than 1.1 million people in United States alone are living with HIV and 1 out of 6 font even know it. About 50,000 people are infected with HIV each year (, 2014).

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Financial Management The Measurement Metric

Question: Describe about the Financial Management for The Measurement Metric. Answer: Introduction:- Operating leverage is the measurement metric, which helps the analysts to determine the percentage of fixed expenses within the total cost of any business. It is a very crucial tool for measuring the profit margins on total revenue (Kaplan and Atkinson 2015). The management of Rammstein Holdings has selected two Australian companies for investment. The company has decided to analyze the potentialities of the two investment alternatives in respect to the cash flow degree of operating leverage. The first alternative is GUD Holdings Ltd. GUD Holdings Ltd. operates in different forms of industrial sectors. It uses to manufacture cleaning items, industrial domestic storage materials, household industrial locking products, water supply related products for both commercial domestic purposes and automotive filters. Such diversified product range has helped the organization to grow faster. The company always maintains the vision to provide long term returns to its shareholders and other investors at higher rate. The other company is Breville Group Ltd. Breville Group Ltd. is one of the popular kitchen products and appliances companies in Australia. The company manufactures and sells various types of kitchen products under the brand names, Breville and Sage. The kitched appliances are sold under the brand, Kambrook and for electrical appliances, it operates the brand, Ronson. Apart from the own brands, Breville Group is also the exclusive registered distributor of the personal care and garment care appliances of Philips Ltd. for allover Australia and New Zealand. From the product ranges, it can be concluded that the company has focused on a specific market sector. With the prosperity of the brands, the company has also gain high popularity amongst the investors for its steady income level and high return. Cash Flow Degree of Operating Leverage:- The financial performances of both the companies are analyzed by comparing the cash flow degree of operating leverages of the two companies for two years. The comparison is shown in the graph:- Comparison of the DOLs of two companies:- From the above graph, it can be stated that both the companies are involved with manufacturing processes and have to incur higher amount of fixed expenses, such as depreciation and amortization, interest at fixed rates, insurance, fixed salaries to employees etc. Hence, both the companies have maintained the cash flow degree of operational leverage above 1 over the periods. Both the companies can enjoy high profit with increase in sales, but, they have to ensure high sales volume to cover the high amount of fixed expenses (Horngren et al. 2013). However, Breville has concentrated on a particular market and GUD Holdings has diversified its main operational activities. Due to such diversifications, the DOL of GUD has been more instable than Breville over the period. Comparison of DOLs of two periods:- As discussed above, the DOLs of Breville for the two years are more or less same. It implies that the proportion of fixed expenses and variable expenses has not changed too much over the years. Thus, the level of sales volume, to pay off the fixed expense, would also not change very much accordingly (Bierman Jr and Smidt 2012). On the other hand, the DOL of GUD holdings has increased significantly rapidly in the current year. It denotes that the company has incurred higher fixed expenses in 2015 than the previous year. Thus, the level of adequate sales volume for covering the fixed expenses has also increased according to the increase of fixed expenses (Bhattacharjee et al. 2014). Usefulness of DOL in accounting and cash flow for perspective users: The degree of operating leverage can be defined as the leverage ratio which sums up the amount of operating leverage on the companys earnings before interest and tax. Operating leverage takes into the consideration the fixed cost and the proportion of variable cost in the business operations. It is worth mentioning from the financial perspective cash flow that the earnings before interest and taxes would be unpredictable for the company even though all the accounting factors remains unchanged (Lee and Park 2014). The framework largely evaluates the breakeven point of the business along with the likelihood of the profitability level of individual sales. In order to compute the company is operating leverage, the contribution margin is divided by its net operating income. It is worth mentioning that the measurement of operating leverage involves constant monitoring as because small amount of change in sales can result in the dramatic increase in profit. This enables the users of financi al information to carefully forecast the revenue as small error in forecasting can translate into large error in both net income and cash flows (Brown 2012). On the other hand, the degree of operating advantage can create a profound impact on the pricing policy as because a business firm with large operating leverage should not set the prices so low that it can never generate sufficient amount of contribution margin in order to fully offset the fixed costs. The degree of operating leverage assists the company and its decision makers to determine the most appropriate level of operating leverage to maximise the companys EBIT. A company with balanced Degree of operating leverage can provide the financial leverage with contributing factor in business profits (Damodaran 2016). Formula of Cash Flow Degree of operating leverage : DOL = Contribution Margin / Net Operating Cash Flow This ratio helps in summarising the effect after merging the financial and operating leverage and what effect such combinations and variation creates on corporate earnings. The above stated formula is helpful in assessing both the financial and the operating perspective for a potential investors (Kahl et al. 2014). Conclusion:- From the above discussion, it may be concluded that Breville Group Ltd. is a better alternative for investment in comparison to GUD Holdings Ltd. The current DOL of the company is lower than GUD Holdings and moreover, the level is also stable than that of other company. Therefore, from an investors perspective it can be stated that though Breville Ltd. cannot earn higher profits by increasing sales volume, but the problem to meet the fixed expenses in case of reduction in sales volume will be lesser in comparison to GUD Holdings. References:- Bhattacharjee, A., Higson, C. and Holly, S., 2014. Asymmetric Price Adjustment, Sticky Costs and Operating Leverage over the Business Cycle.Spatial Economics and Econometrics Centre, Heriot Watt University Bierman Jr, H. and Smidt, S., 2012.The capital budgeting decision: economic analysis of investment projects. Routledge Brown, R., 2012. Analysis of investments management of portfolios. Damodaran, A., 2016.Damodaran on valuation: security analysis for investment and corporate finance(Vol. 324). John Wiley Sons. Horngren, C.T., Sundem, G.L., Schatzberg, J.O. and Burgstahler, D., 2013.Introduction to management accounting. Pearson Higher Ed. Kahl, M., Lunn, J. and Nilsson, M., 2014, November. Operating leverage and corporate financial policies. InAFA 2012 Chicago Meetings Paper. Kaplan, R.S. and Atkinson, A.A., 2015.Advanced management accounting. PHI Learning. Lee, S. and Park, S.B., 2014. A study on the association between operating leverage and risk: The case of the airline industry.International Journal of Economics and Finance,6(3), p.120.